Exercise Portable Challenge, 2011.

(Exercise PC, 2011.)

Exercise PC, 2011 is similar to the past Exercise PC, but different in that you the operator will feed reports directly to the webmaster.

The Challenge

 To operate portable from at least 6 different locations for the Monday night NET in the months of July and August.

You choose your location – this can be either a location where you feel an emergency has a high probability of happening, near a rest centre (if you intend this and are likely to go on rest centre property, please seek permission with the rest centre manager – if this is a school this will be the Head Teacher) or anywhere else you fancy.


Remember to be safe on this exercise. This includes travelling to and from your location, setting up – make sure that there are no overhead cables, that your mast (if you are using one, cannot fall and hit anyone or anything or land on the road etc. If on the side of the road make sure you are away from the car etc. Basically do a quick Risk Assessment to be sure you are not in danger and you are not causing a danger.







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