Communication on 2m was a Success with all reports Good /Readable  (5/9)  with all stations on the 2m net-


Communication on 70cm was not as good but Tests made with G8SDU, M0HPJ, GOMXN was Weak/Readable  5/7 which would have been OK for Traffic, but it may be considered to check the 70cm Antenna out, suspect water in cable.

To check out the 70cm Antenna 5 ele beam to Norwich  it would mean Special Authorisation by the Police and H&S.

Half of the police station is to be knocked down and used for other enterprises!

It is hoped that the Mast will remain and the RAYNET Masts will remain if not they will have to be relocated on the roof top..

North Walsham Police Station is now hardly used by the police but as long as the Police Radio Emergency Room remains so will the RAYNET Radio  Room which is in the same room next to the Emergency Operations room.

As the Police Station is not very active, anyone visiting RAYNET room must now book an appointment even during Office Hours for escorted entry..

In an Emergency Call-Out the Police Station will be Open to all Emergency Users including RAYNET.  

Our next tests are to be made from Gt Yarmouth Police Station and NN DC Cromer.

Police/Council and User Services will be informed of this Communications Test in plain language not radio jargon Hi.

Thanks to all who took part in the tests.

73 TerryO


Raynet Radio Tests at G7RNN North Walsham Police

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