From Terry G4PSH N Norfolk DepCon at M0NCR

At 1000A on 23 May Radio Test carried out from N Norfolk District Council Offices Cromer

by Steve G7VAH and Terry G4PSH .

2m- Tests Successful, made with G8SDU and 2E0ILH (The only 2 stations on Net)

70cm not good as M0NCR could not hear anyone on 70cm, but we did go out at a low RST.

Steve also used his Rig and Antenna but reception remained the same on 2m and 70cm.

So, on a call out, Cromer DC Offices would be OK on 2m but unable to work 70cm.

G4PSH/M also tried 2m from the front of the building in the car park and was able to work

both G8SDU and 2E0ILH reports were Good/Readable, and when routed via M0WHQ

(talk-through) the report was Good/Readable with a few dB higher.

Maybe we should consider having two 2m rigs and two 2m antennae at Cromer, one for 144.650

and one for 144.675, then of course we would require 2 operators.

If anyone has to operate N N D C Cromer the radio and power supply are kept in the store

room in the Main Emergency Operations Room and the antenna is on the balcony (push up).

This Radio Test report has been sent to ROs, EPOs, County Hall  and Police.

Regards, Terry G4PSH

Raynet Radio Tests at M0NCR North Norfolk D C

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