Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th Exercise STARTREK 2017

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Broadland Council are using this event as an opportunity to fully exercise Rest Centre plans, and will open the school as an emergency rest centre, with support from council officers, British Red Cross, Rotary and probably Norlsar. They will 'book in' all the event participants and provide catering and welfare for the first couple of hours until scout groups leave. Raynet will set up in the room designated for them in the plan would as requested by Simon Faraday Drake, and will provide a 'control' at 'Enterprise Base' (Reepham High School) throughout the event, and operators at as many of the 'stations' being visited by the scout groups as possible - Jim M0HPJ is also going to see how many licenced members of 4x4 Response he can get along to boost numbers.

The event will involve up to 30 teams of maximum 6 Scouts or Explorers navigating their way around approximately 10 'bases' where tasks will have to be carried out and scored, spread over a 15 - 20km course. The team at the end with the highest score wins.

Other than brief assistance at the start, Norlsar will be there primarily as a 'response vehicle' (hopefully not being used), manned by me, and probably using 2m to join your net. Any 4x4 Response members out at stations may also be asked to provide assistance to any local incidents but again hopefully there won't be any - the primary voluntary involvement in the event is providing comms, there will be plenty of traffic to pass as event organisers ideally want near realtime unpdates on how teams are progressing through the night.

 Times - start 18:00 on Saturday 28th October, end 08:00 on Sunday 29th

 Location - somewhere north of Norwich - TBC but in Broadland Council boundary.

 Assistance requested:


o Establish 'control' at HQ and staff it for the duration of the exercise; keeping a log of which teams are where, responding to incidents and issues, coordinating voluntary responders. This will likely need shifts.

o Provide communication links from each of the 15 bases back to control for the duration of the exercise (will probably need involvement of licenced amateurs from all organisations to support Raynet) reporting arrival and departure of teams, scores, and any incidents etc.

o Provide First Aid & incident response for the event

o Provide support to the Rest Centre exercise (probably only running for the first hour or so of the event) including potentially coordinating external volunteers

o Provide any required logistic support to the event (not including routine transport of teams as this will require at least 6 passenger seats per vehicle to comply with Scout Safeguarding guidelines)

o Possibly manning one or more bases supervising simple tasks for teams to complete (TBC)


Exercise STAR TREK Report Short.pdf