Tuesday 3rd - Thursday 5th LRF Exercise PARATUM

The NRF Voluntary Faith and Community Resilience Group will be conducting Exercise PARATUM to test VFCC (Voluntary & Faith Co-ordination Cell) arrangements between Tues 03rd May and Thursday 05th May 2022.


The VFCC will be hosted at the British Red Cross HQ in Norwich and aims to streamline the logistical support required to efficiently deploy the resources contained in the NRF Vol & Faith Capabilities Directory.


They won’t be contacting everyone during the exercise and no actual deployment of people or resources is required but this to help them test and develop team work across our organisations so we are able deliver support to each other and the Norfolk Resilience Forum in a crisis.


For clarity, all exercise communication will be prefixed with EXERCISE PARATUM.

We have previously indicated our availability as a key partner to take part in this exercise and the timeline of events is attached. In brief our input at the following sessions will help us achieve the objectives of the exercise:

 Tuesday 3rd May @ 14:00 – MS Teams teleconference to set the scene and discuss volunteer resource   availability / capability.

 Wednesday 4th May @ 14:00 – MS teams teleconference to agree resources available on exercise day,  their capabilities and response times.

 Thursday 5th May @ 10:00 – The exercise, report to Red Cross, Coronation Road, Norwich NR6 5HD to  take part in Coordination Cell. Exercise will conclude at 14:00 after a debrief.

Julian 2E0DJR and I will be taking part in the teleconferences and then I will be at the BRC on Thursday 5th May  at 10:00 to set up a standby VHF Network which has the ability to cover East and West of the County. The exercise will include a test of this as a continuity measure.

M0WHQ will be activated on 144.650 MHz from 10.00 to 1400 for the comms tests, it would be very useful to have members monitoring some or all the test period to respond if required.

Semper Paratus

Mike G8EEY

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