Doug, G3HRK, has now completed the writing and publication of his book 'Be Prepared, Keep Prepared' giving the history of the events leading to the formation of RAYNET, it's very first beginnings, and it's activities and assignments since then.

A copy of this was deposited by Doug in the Norfolk Reference Library on 19th February 2008. As soon as it is processed into the system, within just a few days, it will be available for anyone wishing to see it at the Archive Centre, at County Hall.

Doug is still actively pursuing the means of making a few more copies available to meet possible requirements, and will let us know of further progress to this end.

73, Pat, G3IOR

Update on book - 28/02/08

Doug G3HRK's book 'Be Prepared, Stay Prepared' is now available from the Norfolk Record Office at the Archive Centre, Martineau Lane. Confirmation has been received that this has been duly processed and that the Catalogue Reference is Number is MC 2592.

Doug is now publishing copies for the Norfolk Library Service, which will be available on request at your local or travelling library soon now.

73 Pat, G3IOR.

Update on book - 18/03/08

A copy of the book has now been delivered to the Norfolk Library Service (via the Sheringham Branch)  So, sorry about the delay, (because of a few production problems), a copy of the book should be a available in a day or two through the library system

73 Pat, G3IOR

Update on book - 22/03/08

Just an up-date. I'm now in a position to offer my book at £15 a copy (price covering paper & ink costs only) but the availability is, of course, very limited. I am therefore contacting as many as possible (within the limits of the restricted print run) of those who were directly involved during the period covered by my book & giving them first chance of purchase. If there are any over after this little exercise has been completed, we can 'throw it open' but I think this is probably the fairest method Pat. Not ideal & a little "difficult" (or could be!) but hope people will understand.
Because of the mailing costs of around £8-50, collection is preferable! I'm sure something can be arranged if difficulties are experienced in connection with this aspect.
73 Doug, G3HRK

Update on book - 15/05/08

Hi All,

I have just finished reading Doug's two volumes 'Be Prepared, Stay Prepared' and that I returned them to Hellesdon Library this afternoon. Thus  they are now available to the next reader. One can join the Norfolk Library and reserve books to collect from your own local library by going to Loans are free of charge. My goodness, but Doug has put some most intensive and thorough research into that project. A truly amazing content that makes the brief history I wrote for our website pretty small by comparison. Even I, a member since RAYNET's  inception, didn't know half of it !
73, Pat, G3IOR

Update on book - 24/05/09

Colin G4RRN has handed me 2 books Titled

Be Prepared Keep Prepared RAYNET Formation and History Norfolk 1953 to 1988 Book One (442 pages) and a Day to Day Diary of Norfolk RAYNET Events Book Two (841 Pages).

By Doug Willies BEM G3HRK.

As the books are far to big to post/copy what I intend to do, is to pass on the books by hand to those of you who would like to read the two books (1,283 pages).

Those members in North Norfolk, Steve and I will be able to deliver by car, or you can collect from Steve directly. We also want this offer, to be extended to, not only the Admin Members, but also to, ALL members, both Coastal and Inland who have not already read the books.  It would be good idea also, to let the EPOs read them, but we will put that on ice until RAYNET members have read them first. Those of you who wish to obtain copies let Steve or myself know, and we will put you on our list and try to pass the copies on by hand, or when ever we can, Admin meetings for example.

73 Terry G4PSH.

I have already read the books it took me 4 days on and off but it sure is good reading and pictures

of members over the years and pictures of the HF Portable rigs are really good..

Thanks to Colin G4RRN for giving Norfolk County RAYNET the two books Free of charge

which will be kept as a RAYNET Item for all to read over the years.

Be Prepared - Keep Prepared

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