Exercise Operational Readiness (EOR)

In January, there will be a Coastal Raynet Exercise, called Exercise Operational Readiness. As its name implies it will be an exercise to test your operational readiness and preparedness to respond at short notice for a potential Raynet callout.

The exercise will consist of you calling control, where upon you will be given a 6 figure grid reference and be asked to move to that location. Upon arrival at the location you will be asked a simple question about the location - an observation - and upon receipt of your answer, you will be given another 6 figure grid reference etc. In total you might be asked depending upon time and conditions to go to 3 or 4 different positions, report in and then return to your QTH where after reporting in, you will be stood down.

EOR will last for between 2 and 2½ hours and you will be able to join at any time during the first hour, i.e. between 19.00and 20.00. All being well everyone should be stood down by 21.30 at the latest.

The evenings for the exercise are most likely to be either a Tuesday or Thursday as Norfolk County Raynet net takes place on a Monday, and NARC events take place on Monday and Wednesday nights.

The actual date will be given on the Monday night net before the exercise and will be posted on the website on the same day - operating frequency and control call sign will be in the details given on both the net and posted on the web site.

All being well, the exercise will not be called for a night when it is forecast to be snowy, or frosty, i.e. conditions better than a real call, but will give you more notice.

I hope that as many members as possible will turn out for this exercise - you will need an OS map for it, but there is no need to give me advance notice that you will take part.

Steve, g7vah, Controller Coastal Group, Norfolk County Raynet.

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