Exercise Snow Bunting

This will be a 2 day exercise scheduled for Saturday 28th February and Sunday 1st March 2009..

It is intended to simulate the setting up of a temp Raynet Control on the coast. The location is the Sea Palling car park.

In the exercise we will set up a portable HF station hopefully to stay on air for 4 - 5 hours on both the Saturday and Sunday (10.00 to around 15.00), without the benefit of any mains power.

We might use the caravan for this exercise. Members are welcome to come along for as long or short a time as possible, certainly hands would be welcome to set up each morning/take down in the evening. You are also welcome to bring your HF set / aerial to try.

Hopefully it will be really foul weather on the coast to give us a taste of what it might be like if we did need to provide an emergency coms control centre.

We might also run to 2m and QSL cards for this exercise. I am happy for members to let me know in advance if they will turnout for this exercise.


The exercise will be run as a Special Event Station, call sign GB4NCR as a Norfolk County RAYNET (RSGB) demonstration station for the local public, emergency planning officers, police and user services. We will be using the RAYNET caravan in the Council car park, Clink Lane, for the event and will be operating on 2m / 70cm and HF frequencies.

Steve, g7vah, Controller Coastal Group, Norfolk County Raynet.

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