Exercise Snow Bunting


Special Event Radio Station GB4NCR

February 28th/March 1st 2009, Sea Palling, Norfolk


  Weather conditions were good for the start of the exercise and the VHF and HF radio stations were soon up and running with contacts being made on 80m and 2m. Antenna in use was an Inverted V trap dipole for GB4NCR and 2m/70cm vertical colinear used for normal RAYNET Operations on the 10m pump up mast.

One of the purposes of the exercise was to demonstrate our capability to Council Emergency Planning Officers, Police and  the public and especially local emergency services as Sea Palling is in a high risk sea inundation area. During the Saturday we were visited by a County Emergency Planning Officer, local flood wardens and 4X4 co-ord as well as over the 2 days by curious members of the public who were drawn by the sight of the RAYNET Caravan and its twin 10m masts!

Another aspect of the Exercise was to test all the equipment and refresh members of operating all the equipment during an emergency call out by County Hall or the Police for flooding or any unforeseen disaster.

Sunday was a damp cold day, but contacts were continually made up until the time the station was closed at 15.30. 284 contacts were made over the 2 days, on 80m HF as far a field as Southern Ireland, Germany, Holland and France, not to mention a wide swath of England and Wales along with a large tract of Norfolk on 2m VHF.

Thanks to the following members who attended the exercise - 2E1HAO (Shirley), 2E0BDB (Tony), M3WZN (John), G0SMS (Diane), G4PSH (Terry Dep. Controller, Coastal Group), G7FSI (Barry who took the photographs), G7KBF (Stuart), G7VAH, M0CNP (David), M1CQS (Graham), M0KXK (Ray).

Also a thanks to North Norfolk District Council EPO for authorisation to use the car park for the event.

Steve, G7VAH,  Controller, Norfolk County Raynet, Coastal Group

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