Exercise Fritton Lake  -  27th June 2010

Exercise Fritton Lake will take place on Sunday 27th June in support of the Big-C’s Walk of Thoughts. The Walk of Thoughts is a 6 mile sponsored walk around Fritton Lake through fields, tracks, woodland and not on main roads. It is not completely accessible by vehicles, hence some marshal points are only accessible by foot. We hope to be able to man between 7 and 12 marshal points. These will be a mix of places where it is possible to reach by car and those only accessible on foot. We will need to be at points at staggered times from 0930 through to around 1700 local, dependent upon how fast people walk and which marshal point you would be at as control points will be closed after the passage of the last walker/sweeper.

If you would like to take part, please email me a.s.a.p. Please say if you are able to be foot mobile, or car mobile or both. If you are only able to do a few, hours, this may be possible to fit in to give more flexibility / people time to have a break. If numbers allow, it should be possible to give the opportunity for members to gain experience as a controller during the day. A map giving Marshal points will be posted in the members section later, and sent to all members taking part.

Operational frequency, 144.625MHz, call sign, M0RGY/P, controller to be confirmed, but most likely G7VAH, control location field opposite Fritton House Hotel.


G7VAH, Coastal Controller, Norfolk County RAYNET.

E-mail -  NN1@Norfolkraynet.org.uk

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