All membership applications, including renewals have to be approved by the Admin Committee and RAYNET-UK before membership can be granted. Membership lasts for 1 year before renewal is needed.

Non licensed persons are welcome to become members, we can help you towards gaining a license, or you can help and support Raynet in other ways.

Postal Applications can be made by contacting  Hon Secretary and asking for a return address. Please print out, and complete this FORM. The completed forms should be sent, with a current passport style and size photograph to that address, together with scanned copies of the relevant verification documents.

On-line Applications can be made by completing this FORM, and print, sign, scan and send as PDF to Hon Secretary  together with a  passport style and size .jpg ( no more than 500KB) photograph together with scanned copies of the relevant verification documents.


 Our Information Policy

The information you have given on the registration forms is for the use of the Controllers, Hon Secretary, Hon Registrations Officer, Webmaster, and Officials of RAYNET-UK. It will not be shared with, or sold, to any other party, except as detailed below.


Use of the information given by you:

1 The Controllers will keep a full copy of the information from the form to help them ensure that, in the event of an emergency, they can efficiently and effectively alert and deploy members

Your First name, name known by, call sign, location (e.g. Norwich, Hellesdon etc.), post code, home phone number, work number, mobile number will be kept in the members' confidential area of the web site, forming part of the confidential Call-Out List. Members are authorised to print 1 copy, and keep it up to date, for their own personal use only. Some numbers may be confidential, or ex-directory, and must not be disclosed to any non-member.

Your e-mail address will only be used, from time to time,  to forward RAYNET communications, notifications of exercises, events etc. Email addresses and Phone numbers can be with-held from the confidential Call-Out List, although this could result in members not being contacted in emergencies, or receiving event details.

2 We are currently affiliated to the RAYNET-UK and are covered by their insurance policy for official events and exercises. To be covered by this insurance we have to give the RAYNET-UK the following information of each individual : full name, call sign and age. Membership of RAYNET-UK is mandatory to take part in official events and exercises, and an annual subscription will be levied to cover the cost of insurance, currently £7.20 p.a. (2018).

In emergencies all RAYNET members will be covered by the User Service's insurance. With-holding, or erroneous submission of, this data, could risk a claim under the RAYNET-UK insurance being refused.

3 Members will be informed of any changes of Policy, and must inform

Hon Secretary of any changes to their details, in a timely manner.

5 Any member not respecting this Data  Policy will be liable to termination of membership.


1 Applications from persons under the age of 14 will not be accepted.


Membership Application and Details

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Membership Notice