NORFOLK COUNTY RAYNET is affiliated to RAYNET-UK and The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), and is a member of the Norfolk Resilience Forum (NRF) Voluntary and Faith Co-ordinating Group (VFCG). RAYNET was formed after the East Coast Floods in 1953, and has been continally active since, providing voluntary assistance with RADIO COMMUNICATIONS for BLUE LIGHT SERVICES, CATEGORY 1 and 2 RESPONDERS, and other USER SERVICES, when normal systems are overloaded or compromised.

NORFOLK COUNTY RAYNET works closely with the VFCG, training by use of exercises, and supporting local community Events such as the Long Distance Walkers’ (LDWA) 50 Mile Races, and Scouts’ Night Hikes.

NORFOLK COUNTY RAYNET is a voluntary, not-for-profit, non-funded organisation that is reliant on GIFTS and DONATIONS.

SEA PALLING on the Norfolk coast 1953
Mobile Crossband Repeater (VHF / UHF) providing communications from a local Radio/phone ‘blackspot’

Control Station for SCOUTs’ Night Hike with N&S 4×4 Response and Norfolk Lowland Search and Rescue.


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